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Whole Food Plant-Based - Health & Wellness

Our mission has always been simple: crafting great tasting, plant-based foods that are made with simple, quality, clean ingredients for you. We strive to enhance the way people eat by incorporating healthful, plant-based foods into any style diet.

Nuttin Ordinary founder Josh, grew up in a vegan/vegetarian household in the 80’s and experienced first hand the healthy power of eating plant-based. Josh and now Co-Founder Adam met, and quickly realized they both had a passion for healthy lifestyles resulting from incorporating plant-based foods into everyday living. Both suffering from a lactose intolerance, Josh & Adam discovered they could “beat the bloat”, the tired, heavy feeling that came from dairy options with plant-based options. Soon, they began to cultivate ideas for their passion and desire to share plant-based foods with the community. Could plant-based protein sources be cultured with probiotics just like dairy cheese? It was a question that had to be answered. Shortly after, the idea of creating a quality, clean & simple ingredient, plant-based, nutritious, & uncompromisingly DELICIOUS cheese was born.

The Idea Behind Plant-Based Foods

The idea was a hit – only 6 months into launch, Nuttin Ordinary was on the shelves in Whole Foods, reaching customers who share our belief that plant-based options should both taste GREAT and have nutritional value, none of those nonsense fillers, thickeners, gums and starches.

Today, Nuttin Ordinary can be found in multiple grocery locations (check out the store finder here) including Whole Foods, Wegmans, Market Basket & Fresh Direct, offering two lines of cheese. Three (3) flavors of dairy-free cheese spread: Garlic & Herb, Spicy, and Pink Salt & Pepper. Three (3) flavors of dairy-free cream cheese: Plain, Chive & Onion and Garden Veggie. Nuttin Ordinary also offers a line of frozen ravioli filled with our cheese, in three flavors: Creamy Mushroom, Butternut Squash & Turmeric, and Ricotta Cheese.


Josh, Adam & Nuttin Ordinary Team 🙂

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